Animal Welfare Foundation


Protecting A Legacy

For All Humankind.


Without animals of various types, people would not have evolved and advanced as successfully as they have. Dogs and horses, cats and birds, cattle and sheep, fish and snakes, to name a few, have served humans well over the millennium in a variety of ways and continue to do so to this very day. Unfortunately, in many instances, technological advancement has led to divergent paths for animals and created very different and often times significantly less important roles for animals in many of our modern lives.

All too often people are dismissive of or misunderstand animals, with animals generally paying a high price for this misunderstanding. Just trying to get along with humans in a confounding world is a daunting task for most animals.

Our mission, in a nutshell, is to protect, preserve, and safeguard animals from neglect and cruelty primarily through community-based education programs.


Animal Welfare Foundation

Serving people and animals...together.